Green Policy

The management of Leonda By The Yarra is committed to an eco-friendly and sustainable future and have implemented procedures to reduce their impact on the environment.
The following outlines the initiatives Leonda has undertaken in the past few years to minimise its impact on the environment and earth:

Energy Consumption

  • Leonda runs on ten percent Green Power, sourced from renewable energy sources such as wind energy, hydroelectricity and solar power
  • Careful consideration has also gone into the purchase and use of energy efficient appliances. Most of Leonda’s appliances are rated six star energy efficient
  • The venue also runs regular checks and services on its equipment and appliances to ensure that the appliances are running efficiently and to minimize energy that may be lost through faults
  • Leonda also ensures that the air-conditioning and heating temperature in the venue is set at a comfortable level that minimises energy consumption
  • As a means of reducing overall energy consumption, Leonda also switches off all lights, computers, air conditioning and other electrical and gas equipment when not in use, and maximises the natural light and ventilation its venue receives when possible

Water Saving

  • Leonda has placed prominent signs around the kitchen’s sinks, reminding staff to save water and conserve the precious resource
  • The venue has also installed waterless urinals that cut water usage by up to 98 per cent

Waste Management

  • Leonda uses recycled products where possible – from toilet paper, printer paper and stationery to paper towels
  • The venue also recycles their cooking oil, paper, cardboard, corks, plastic, glass and printer toner cartridges
  • Leonda’s offices are also vigilant about the use of paper. The management emphasizes communicating via email (rather than paper) and sends a friendly reminder to clients in their auto-signatures with the line “please don’t print this e-mail unless you really need to”
  • Leonda’s environmental consciousness extends to its cleaning products; most of the venue’s commercial cleaning products are natural and biodegradable. Leonda also uses bio-degradable plastic bags, which break down within two years as opposed to the 500 year life span of standard plastic bags.

Kitchen and Food

  • As far as possible, Leonda sources and uses local produce, reducing the transport mileage and environmental footprint
  • Leonda also offers an organic menu, which is free of pesticides, artificial fertilisers and food additives

Other Eco-Conscious Initiatives

  • To minimise carbon emissions, Leonda offers guests alternative transport options, including accessing the venue by boat, or organising buses to and from functions. Leonda also advocates reaching the venue by public transport or car-pool
  • Where possible, the venue uses water jugs and glasses as opposed to bottled and imported water;
  • Utilises grease traps that stop grease from entering the sewage system; and
  • Provides special ashtrays where cigarette waste is recycled into garden fertiliser

Future Plans

Leonda By The Yarra is constantly working towards new ways to minimise their impact on the earth and environment.

Their future goals include:

  • Using more green power;
  • Planting trees to offset carbon emissions; and
  • Become a carbon neutral or carbon positive venue


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