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May 2014
Leonda News
WOW we can’t believe it’s May already! This year has literally flown by. From seeing all your amazing themed events, to being invited to spend time with our favourite suppliers, to seeing all the new trends being implemented in the event industry – we have been having an absolutely fantastic time. We hope you have too and that you enjoy our newsletter!

A Wonderland Ball supporting the Alice Sloan Trust – The Carnival


On the 11th of April over 300 supporters of The Alice Sloan Trust ‘rolled up’ to The Big Top of Leonda By The Yarra for a carnival experience like no other.

V2E Breakfast

Christmas in the sun

Leonda ladies at the Langham

Kids Tennis Foundation Mother’s Day Lunch

Kids Tennis Foundation

The Kids Tennis Mother’s Day lunch saw ladies on the arm of their mum, their ‘adopted’ mum, carrying a child, or because they loved their mum, enjoying a fun afternoon in the Ballroom of Leonda By The Yarra.

How to: Avoid no shows

Avoid Noshows

No one in the event industry likes no-shows, and yet unfortunately they are a likely occurrence. The query on the tip of planner’s tongues this event season is how to avoid this situation.

How to: Engage introverts

Engage Introverts

Participative learning, speed networking, audience led content – the list goes on. But with this shift to more involved formats of conferencing Jez Pazman believes we are we pushing away a large part of the audience.