Since 2006 it has been the privilege of Maple Event Group to host events which leave our clients and guests saying ‘wow’. We’ve been with you all through countless occasions of families joining, students being celebrated, businesses blossoming and communities coming together.

Unfortunately, we are now facing a ‘wow’ of another kind, as the world steps into uncharted waters surrounding the spread and attempted containment of Covid-19.

Due to increased public concern, to protect the health of guests and staff, and in response to the Prime Minister and COAG’s direction that any organised mass gathering over 100 people should be cancelled, we now find ourselves in the situation where we need to guide you on how to proceed, postpone or cancel your event. At this stage, this direction only applies to events due to be held up until the end of May, 2020. We will turn our attention to events beyond the 31st May, on a rolling month basis based on further information provided by the Government. We know how distressing and disappointing that this is. One of our core values is lots of love. You are not alone. We’re all in this together and we are doing our very best to support you as an extension of the MEG family.

Option to proceed
Events of 100 people or less do not have restrictions on them. If you have the capacity to reduce your guest numbers, we will happily welcome you and your guests into our venues (where we have stringent cleaning and hygiene practises for both employees and the venue in place to ensure the safety of all staff and attendees). We have every trust that our team can still deliver an exceptional experience to you.

Option to postpone
Postponing your event until the world has reached a state of normalcy is also an option. We ask for your patience in sourcing an appropriate date for your event. We want to continue hosting as many special occasions as we can and will do what is within our power to help you navigate this option.

As I am sure you understand, these uncharted waters that we all face has our team working beyond capacity. We have been a very fortunate to have built a strong foundation of clients. This does however mean that we have a significant number of clients that we are trying to help navigate through this time.

In an effort to be able to respond to you all efficiently, we ask that you decide which option you would like to proceed with initially and then send an email to your event coordinator with the subject line “Covid-19 – Proceed or Covid-19 – Postpone”. This will enable us to be able to get back to you appropriately and with the most relevant information and action plan for your situation.

We ask for your patience and kindness as we manage the changes to all our upcoming events.